Yoga Workshops

Beginner and Intermediate Workshops

:: Building a Balanced and Healthy Body
This workshop is for first time or beginning level students who want to have a healthy body and need to understand where they are out of balance.

Sample Handout

:: Yoga for a Stressful Life; Freeing the Shoulders and the Hips
Many, many people complain about how their stress is causing them pain in the lower back and shoulders. Some massage therapists will tell you that the root of tight shoulders lies in the hips. This workshop addresses both hips and shoulders with intense asanas (poses) which build strength and stretch these tight areas.

:: Yogic Fire; The Roots of Breathwork
Yoga asana practice without conscience breath is really just an exercise class. The use of breath in yoga is called pranayama. In this workshop will cover some basic and intermediate pranayama theory and practice including; explanations of the bandhas, chakras, and the locks and we may practice ujjiyi pranayama, nadi sodhana pranayama, and/or bhastrika/kapalabhati pranayama.

:: Rooting Backbends from the Core
If you suffer from lower back tightness after doing backbends this class is for you. We will start by exploring the elements of a good backbend. Building on exercises which strengthen the stomach and open the shoulders we will develop well rooted backbends. This is a gentle class, suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Advanced Trainings Yoga Teacher Trainings